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Kent County, located in central Delaware, provides trash and recycling collection services to residents across the county. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Kent County’s trash and recycling collection schedule, guidelines, holidays, and other key details.

Collection Days

  • Trash and recycling collection occurs weekly on Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

  • Collection days are assigned based on location. Use the collection day lookup tool to find your scheduled collection day.

  • Put trash and recycling containers at the end of your driveway the night before your collection day. Do not place them near mailboxes, parked cars, or other obstructions.

Holiday Schedule

Trash and recycling collection does not occur on the following holidays. Collection will be postponed by 1 day after a holiday:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

If a holiday falls on a Monday, all collections for that week are postponed by 1 day.

If a holiday falls on a Thursday, only Thursday and Friday collections are postponed.

Check the holiday collection schedule for exact dates.

Cold Weather Policy

During winter weather events or road restrictions, collection may be postponed. Check the Kent County website for updates. Missed collections can occur due to unplowed or inaccessible roads.

Provided Carts

Kent County provides each property with trash, recycling, and yard waste carts:

  • Black 96-gallon cart for trash
  • Blue 96-gallon cart for recycling
  • Green 96-gallon cart for yard waste (seasonal)

The carts are owned by the county and remain with the property if ownership changes. Identify your carts with your address to prevent loss or theft. You can request an additional cart by contacting Kent County Public Works. The maximum is 4 carts per property.

Trash Guidelines

  • Bag all trash and place bags inside carts. Loose trash or bags outside carts will not be collected.

  • Do not overfill. Lids must fully close. Overfilled carts cannot be collected.

  • Maximum of 5 trash items collected weekly:

    • 1 county-provided cart
    • Up to 4 additional 32-gallon cans or bulk items
  • Bulk items include large items like furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc. Call Public Works if unsure an item can be collected. Maximum 4 bulk items per week.

  • Restricted items like hazardous waste, construction debris, and automotive parts cannot be collected. Take these items to the Sandtown Landfill.

  • Appliances with Freon like refrigerators require special handling. Contact Public Works for disposal instructions.

  • Electronics can be recycled at DSWA drop-off locations.

  • Dry out and empty latex paint cans before placing in trash cart.

  • Carpet rolls must be 4 feet wide or less, rolled and tied, and count as bulk items.

Recycling Guidelines

  • Do not bag recycling. Place loose in cart.

  • Do not overfill. Lid must close fully.

  • Maximum 5 recycling items collected weekly:

    • 1 county-provided cart
    • Up to 4 additional 32-gallon cans or bundles of cardboard
  • Accepted items: clean paper, cardboard, glass bottles/jars, metal cans, plastics #1,#2,#4,#5,#7.

  • Do not include: styrofoam, plastic bags, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, clothing, shoes, household hazardous waste.

  • Cardboard boxes must be flattened, tied into bundles, and placed next to cart.

Yard Waste Collection

  • Occurs seasonally April – December on your trash collection day. Check collection schedule for exact dates.

  • Do not bag yard waste or use plastic bags in carts. Place loose in cart.

  • Maximum 5 yard waste items collected weekly:

    • 1 county-provided cart
    • Up to 4 additional 32-gallon cans or bundles of branches
  • Tree branches must be under 3 inches diameter, cut to 4 feet, and tied in bundles.

  • Christmas trees collected for 2 weeks in January. Check website for exact dates.

Contact Information

For questions about Kent County trash and recycling services:

Kent County Department of Public Works

555 Bay Road
Dover, DE 19901

Phone: (302) 744-2429


This overview covers the key details of trash and recycling collection in Kent County, Delaware. Be sure to check the county website for the most up-to-date information. Properly preparing your materials on the correct collection day will ensure your trash and recycling are successfully picked up each week.


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