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The city of Laconia, New Hampshire provides municipal trash and recycling collection services to residents. Understanding the curbside pickup schedules, guidelines, and resources can help Laconia households properly dispose of waste.

Trash Collection Schedule

  • Trash pickup occurs weekly on a designated weekday based on your address.

  • Check the collection map to find your assigned collection day.

  • Trash must be bagged and placed in containers at the curb by 6 AM on your pickup day.

  • No loose bags, boxes, or overflowing cans will be collected.

  • Collection is delayed one day after major holidays – see the recycling calendar for dates.

Recycling Collection Schedule

  • Recycling is collected biweekly on the shaded weeks shown on the recycling calendar.

  • The calendar covers weekly recycling schedules for 2023 and 2024.

  • Recycling should be loosely placed in bins – no plastic bags – and curbside by 6 AM.

  • Major holidays delay collection by one day in the affected weeks.

Curbside Bulk Item Pickup

  • Bulk items like furniture can be collected curbside by appointment only.

  • Metal items are picked up on the first Wednesday of the month.

  • Non-metal items are collected on the second and third Wednesdays.

  • Schedule your pickup by calling Public Works at (603) 528-6379.

  • Attach a $8 bulky item sticker to each item and place curbside by 6 AM on your day.

Leaf and Yard Waste Recycling

  • Yard waste is collected during Spring and Fall curbside leaf collections – see recycling calendar for dates.

  • Leaves and plant debris must be in paper bags or rigid containers marked “yard waste.”

  • Brush can be bundled in 4-foot lengths for pickup during these times.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Hazardous waste like chemicals, batteries, and electronics requires special handling.

  • Drop off these items at the Lakes Region Household Hazardous Product Facility on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

  • See facility information for accepted items and hours.

Dump Passes and Transfer Station Access

  • Laconia residents can purchase dump passes to use the transfer station for large loads of waste and recycling.

  • Passes are $20 at City Hall or Public Works and allow 4 visits per year.

  • Recycling drop off is free with the exception of electronics which incur a fee.

Ordering Trash Carts and Bins

  • Laconia provides recycling bins to residents. Request replacement bins by calling Public Works at (603) 528-6379.

  • Trash and recycling carts can also be obtained by contacting Public Works.

Trash and Recycling Resources

  • View the Curbside Pickup page on the city website for full details on trash and recycling programs.

  • Check the collection map to verify your designated pickup days.

  • Download the recycling calendar to reference biweekly recycling weeks.

  • Contact Public Works at (603) 528-6379 with any questions.

Properly disposing of waste through Laconia’s comprehensive trash and recycling pickup services helps sustain a clean and green community. Following the collection schedules and guidelines makes household recycling simple for residents. Check the Public Works page on the city website for the latest schedules and information. Consistent recycling participation supports Laconia’s efforts to divert waste and care for the natural environment.


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