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The City of College Station provides trash and recycling collection services for residents through the Public Works Department. This article covers key details on collection schedules, guidelines, and other information for College Station homeowners.

Trash Collection

  • Trash pickup is weekly on designated collection days that vary by neighborhood. Find your pickup day by entering your address on the collection day lookup site.

  • Trash must be bagged and placed in provided roll carts, with lids fully closed. Overflowing or unbagged trash outside carts will not be collected.

  • Standard cart size is 96 gallons. Smaller 48-gallon carts are available for seniors and disabled residents upon request.

  • Carts should be placed curbside by 8am on collection day, with wheels and handles facing away from the street. Carts must be removed from the curb by 8pm.

  • Up to 10 bags/bundles of brush and leaves can be set out weekly on trash day. Branches must be bundled and under 50 lbs.

  • Bulky items like furniture can be set out weekly. Appliances must be emptied of fluids and gases first.

  • Bagged grass clippings, construction debris, and other loose trash must be inside the cart, not left beside it.

2023 Holiday Delay Schedule

Trash pickup is delayed by one day after these holidays:

  • New Year’s Day: January 2
  • Memorial Day: May 29
  • Independence Day: July 4
  • Labor Day: September 4
  • Thanksgiving: November 23
  • Christmas Day: December 25

Recycling Collection

  • Recycling is collected biweekly on the same day as trash pickup. Check the collection schedule for designated recycling weeks.

  • Accepted recyclables include paper, cardboard, aluminum/steel cans, glass bottles/jars, and plastic bottles/jugs (#1 and #2). No plastic bags.

  • Recyclables must be clean and placed loose in bins. Do not bag recyclables.

  • Extra recyclables can be placed in boxes beside the bin. Do not leave recyclables loose on the ground.

  • Report missed recycling pickups within 24 hours by calling (979) 260-0006.

Collection Guidelines

  • Both trash and recycling carts must be moved to the curb by 8am on collection days.

  • Carts should be placed with at least 4 feet clearance from other objects and not blocked by vehicles.

  • Only trash and recycling inside carts will be collected. Items left on the ground will not be picked up.

  • Do not overfill carts. Lids should fully close. Bag all trash to prevent leaks/spills.

  • Don’t set carts out earlier than 8pm the evening before pickup. Remove carts from the curb by 8am the morning after.

  • Limit brush and bulky items to piles that collection crews can safely manage.

  • Hazardous wastes like chemicals, batteries, light bulbs require special disposal.

Missed Pickups

Report missed trash collection by 5pm on the scheduled day:

For missed recycling, call Brazos Valley Recycling at (979) 260-0006 within 24 hours.

Extra Trash

For overflow trash that won’t fit in your cart, you can:

  • Request an extra trash collection for $10 per pile by submitting this form.

  • Get additional trash carts for a monthly fee. Call (979) 764-3690.

  • Take bagged household trash to the Twin Oaks Landfill yourself for free with ID and a current city utility bill.

Bulky and Brush Disposal

  • Bulky items like appliances and furniture can be set at the curb on trash day. Freon must be removed from appliances first.

  • Bundles of brush should be neatly stacked in piles less than 5 feet long and 50 lbs.

  • For large amounts of bulky items or brush, consider renting a temporary roll-off dumpster from a local hauler.

  • Take small residential loads of bulky items and brush to Twin Oaks Landfill for free with ID and proof of residency.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Household hazardous waste like chemicals, batteries, and light bulbs should be saved for the city’s biannual collection events.

  • Medications can be disposed of in drop boxes at the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office lobby.

  • Used medical sharps should be placed in a sealed puncture-proof container before putting in your regular trash cart.

  • Small propane tanks must be completely emptied and clearly labeled as “empty” before disposal.

Recycling Drop-off

The City of College Station does not currently offer recycling drop-off locations. Recycling must be placed curbside for pickup on designated weeks.

Trash and Recycling Carts

Standard cart sizes:

  • Trash: 96 gallon
  • Recycling: 64 gallon

To request smaller carts or report missing/damaged carts:

  • Trash carts: Call (979) 764-3690
  • Recycling carts: Email [email protected] or call (979) 260-0006

Billing and Fees

Trash collection is funded through monthly city utility bills. Fees are:

  • $18.05 for 96 gallon trash cart
  • $12.56 for 64 gallon recycling cart
  • Additional fees apply for extra carts

View full garbage and recycling rates on the utility billing page.

Contact Information

Solid Waste Services
City of College Station
PO Box 9960
College Station, TX 77842

Phone: (979) 764-3690



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