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Upper Darby is a township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania that provides trash and recycling collection services to its residents. It can be confusing figuring out your neighborhood’s pick-up schedule, so this article will walk you through everything you need to know.

How Trash and Recycling Collection Works in Upper Darby

  • Upper Darby is divided into 6 sections for trash and recycling pick-up. Your section determines which days of the week your trash and recycling are collected.

  • Trash is collected 1-2 days per week depending on your section.

  • Recycling is collected once a week on your designated day.

  • The pick-up schedule changes slightly between summer and winter to account for earlier sunsets in winter months.

  • Holiday weeks may result in collection day changes.

Finding Your Trash and Recycling Collection Days

There are a couple ways to lookup your assigned collection days in Upper Darby:

Use the Online Map Tool

  • Go to Upper Darby’s Trash and Recycling Page

  • In the top right corner, enter your home address in the search bar and click the blue flag pin that appears.

  • A table will pop up showing your section number and assigned collection days.

Check the Collection Day Tables

Alternatively, you can view the collection day tables on the Trash and Recycling Page to find your section’s designated days:

Regular Trash Pick-up Schedule

Section Summer Winter
1 and 2 Tuesday<br>Friday Tuesday
3, 4, 5 and 6 Monday<br>Thursday Monday
3, 4, 5 and 6 Thursday<br>Friday Thursday

Regular Recycling Pick-up Schedule

Section Day
1 and 2 Wednesday
3 Monday
4 Thursday
5 Tuesday
6 Friday

Trash and Recycling Policies and Guidelines

To ensure your trash and recycling are collected properly, Upper Darby provides the following guidelines:


  • Place trash in secured plastic bags or trash cans up to 32 gallons.

  • Do not place loose trash in containers.

  • A maximum of 3 trash cans/bags per collection. Excess trash requires stickers ($2 each).

  • Trash should be out by 6:30 AM on pick-up days.


  • Use the provided recycling bin for all recyclables.

  • Do not bag recyclables. Place loose items directly in the bin.

  • Recycling should be clean and dry. Rinse food residue off.

  • Flatten cardboard boxes.

  • No plastic bags in recycling bin. Return bags to grocery stores.

Accepted Recyclable Items

  • Paper and cardboard

  • Aluminum and steel cans

  • Glass jars and bottles

  • Plastic bottles, jugs, tubs and jars (no Styrofoam)

  • Aerosol cans (empty)

  • Milk and juice cartons

Bulk and Yard Waste

  • Bulk items like furniture or appliances can be picked up for $15 per item. Submit a bulk pick-up request.

  • Bundle brush and branches for pick-up on your trash day. Bundles should be less than 4 feet long and 30 pounds.

  • Leave grass clippings and leaves loose in trash cans or biodegradable bags. No plastic bags.

Changes to Collection Schedule

The trash and recycling schedule shifts during holiday weeks:

  • When a holiday falls on a Monday, Monday routes move to Wednesday.

  • Section 2 recycling (normally Wednesday) moves to Tuesday.

  • Section 1 recycling (normally Wednesday) moves to Friday.

  • Tuesday and Friday routes do not change.

Make sure to check the holiday schedule for adjusted collection days.

Stay Informed About Your Pick-up Schedule

  • Mark your calendar with your section’s assigned collection days.

  • Check the online calendar periodically for updates.

  • Look for schedule reminders on Upper Darby’s Facebook and Twitter.

  • Sign up for email and/or text alerts through the township’s Notify Me system.

  • Call the Public Works department at 610-734-7635 with any questions.

Knowing Upper Darby’s trash policies and your neighborhood’s collection schedule is key to successful pick-up. Consistent preparation of your waste on the correct days will keep your property and the township clean.



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