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Missing your regular trash pickup day can happen to anyone. Life gets busy, and it’s easy to forget to take the trash bins to the curb on the correct morning. When you realize you’ve missed the trash truck, it can feel stressful trying to properly dispose of the mounting garbage until the next collection day. Luckily, there are several quick solutions for properly getting rid of your trash if you’ve missed pickup.

At Eagle Trash Service, we want to provide you with the most up-to-date information on trash collection schedules across the U.S. We also aim to give you helpful tips for disposing of your garbage properly when you can’t make your regular pickup. Read on to learn what to do if you’ve missed trash day and how to avoid it happening again.

Solutions for Missed Trash Day

Don’t panic if you forgot to take out the trash on collection morning. Here are some of the best options for disposing of your garbage quickly:

  • Contact your trash collection company – Give your garbage pickup company a call. Many will send a truck back the same day for an additional fee.
  • Ask a neighbor – Check with neighbors whose trash hasn’t been picked up yet. They may let you add your bins with theirs.
  • Use public street cans – Look for public trash cans along the street that get emptied regularly. Only use for small bags.
  • Visit a drop-off station – Search for a local landfill or waste station. You can drive trash there yourself.
  • Recycle what you can – Sort recyclables like paper, plastic, glass to reduce trash volume until next pickup.
  • Hire junk removal – Contact a junk hauling company for same-day pickup. Costs $60-$150 per item typically.
  • Bag and store securely – For smaller amounts, double bag and store in garage until next collection day.

Be sure to check your local regulations on proper garbage disposal methods. Never illegally dump waste.

Avoid Missing Trash Day

Missing waste collection day can be inconvenient and lead to garbage buildup. Follow these tips to remember pickup day every week:

  • Note your collection day/time – Check your city website or call your hauler to get your exact trash day and pickup window.
  • Mark calendars – Write trash day on your household calendar. Add a recurring reminder in your smartphone.
  • Make it routine – Take bins out the same time each week, like Tuesday morning before work.
  • Use visibility – Store cans in a spot you see daily, like beside the garage. Move to curb when full.
  • Share responsibility – Have all household members pitch in so it’s not one person’s duty.
  • Sign up for alerts – Some waste providers offer email or text reminders before pickup day.

Staying organized and working trash duty into your regular home routine will help ensure you never miss collection day again.

Proper Trash Disposal Methods

How you contain and dispose of waste makes a big difference in keeping your neighborhood and environment clean. Follow these guidelines for responsible trash disposal:

  • Separate hazardous items – Never mix hazardous waste like chemicals, CFL bulbs, batteries with regular trash. Take to hazardous waste collection sites.
  • Use heavy bags – Double bag smelly or loose trash. Wrap and label broken glass. Contain dust, pet waste.
  • Take trash out regularly – Don’t let garbage accumulate inside for long periods. Take bins out every 2-3 days to avoid pests.
  • Rinse cans – Clean outdoor cans monthly to prevent buildup and odors. Store away from home entrance.
  • Replace damaged bins – Broken trash bins let in insects and animals. Ask your waste company about repairs or replacements.
  • Know regulations – Check what’s allowed in curbside collection. No rocks, electronics, chemicals, construction debris.
  • Recycle properly – Follow local rules on accepted recyclables. Rinse food containers. Flatten cardboard boxes.

By containing and disposing of waste carefully, we can keep trash collectors safe on their routes as well as protect the environment. Contact Eagle Trash Service to learn more about responsible waste management practices.

Trash Collection Schedules Across the U.S.

Garbage pickup schedules can vary widely depending on where you live across the country. Here are some key factors that affect trash and recycling collection:

  • City vs rural – Urban neighborhoods often have set waste collection days, while rural areas may require hauling to a drop-off site.
  • Public vs private – Municipalities handle trash pickup in some areas, while others rely on private waste management companies.
  • Materials included – Curbside recycling and green waste pickup may be included or require separate scheduling.
  • Collection frequency – Trash may be picked up 1-2 times per week, while recycling is biweekly or monthly.
  • Pickup times – Collection happens on set weekdays but time frames can range from early morning to evening.
  • Holiday delays – Trash pickup is often delayed by a day on holiday weeks that alter work schedules.

The best way to confirm your local garbage and recycling schedule is to check your city or county website, contact your private hauler, or call your public works department. Remain flexible, as pickup times and frequency can change.

Eagle Trash Service aims to provide helpful reminders and updates on trash collection across the U.S. Contact us anytime if you need assistance confirming upcoming pickup dates in your neighborhood. Stay up-to-date on waste and recycling schedules to avoid the hassle of missing your regular trash day.

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