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Welcome to EagleTrashService’s helpful guide to trash and recycling collection schedules in the city of Concord, New Hampshire. We’ve compiled key details on Concord’s waste pickup days, maps, guidelines and resources to help you properly dispose of your household waste.

Overview of Trash & Recycling Collection in Concord

The city of Concord provides weekly trash and recycling collection services to residents year-round through a contract with Casella Waste Services.

Here’s an overview of Concord’s trash and recycling program:

  • Trash is collected weekly on your designated weekday.

  • Recycling also has weekly pickup on your scheduled day.

  • Yard waste has seasonal weekly and biweekly curbside pickup.

  • Your collection day depends on your neighborhood.

  • Holiday schedules alter pickups. Service moves to the following day.

  • Follow all city guidelines on properly sorting and setting out waste.

Let’s look at Concord’s trash schedules, maps, guidelines and key details:

Finding Your Collection Day in Concord

Concord has weekly trash and recycling pickup, with the collection day depending on your address:

Use the Collection Zone Map

  • Find your street on the zone map.

  • Note the color/number of your zone.

  • Check the key to see your coordinated collection day.

Call Concord General Services

  • Call 603-228-2737 if you can’t find your street.

  • They can confirm your pickup day.

Mark your calendar so you remember to set materials at the curb each week!

Concord Trash Collection Tips

Follow these guidelines from the city for proper trash disposal:

  • Place bagged household trash in provided wheeled toters with secure lids.

  • Toters cannot exceed 45 gallons. Do not overflow.

  • Place at the curb by 7 AM on your collection day.

  • Remove toters from curb by the end of the day.

  • Up to 5 additional trash bags allowed if overflow tags are attached.

Unacceptable trash includes:

  • Dirt, concrete, construction debris

  • Hazardous waste like chemicals or bulbs

  • Tires, batteries, appliances with refrigerants

These require special disposal. See hazardous waste section below.

Concord Recycling Collection Tips

Follow these tips to properly set out recyclables each week:

  • Use the city-provided recycling toter. Request additional bins if needed.

  • No plastic bags – empty loose recyclables directly into bin.

  • Rinse food residues but no need to scrub.

  • Place bin at the curb by 7 AM on your pickup day.

  • Remove bin from curb by the end of collection day.

Acceptable recyclables:

  • Plastic containers #1-7

  • Glass bottles and jars

  • Metal food cans

  • Milk and juice cartons

  • Paper, cardboard, newspapers

Do not include plastic bags, wrap, food waste, yard waste, or hazardous items.

Concord Yard Waste Collection

Seasonal curbside yard waste pickup occurs:

  • Spring: Every other week from April 1 to June 30.

  • Fall: Weekly pickup from October 1 to December 15.

Place leaves, twigs and plant debris in biodegradable bags or marked containers. Follow trash day guidelines for setting materials out.

Holiday Collection Schedule

If the holiday falls on a weekday, Concord trash pickup is postponed by one day for the remainder of the week:

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Collection moves to the next day. Ex: Friday moves to Saturday. Check the holiday calendar for specifics.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Concord residents can properly dispose of hazardous items like chemicals, batteries, bulbs, paint at:

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events

  • Scheduled drop-offs from April to October. See schedule on the events page.

Year-Round Drop-Offs

Learn more about hazardous waste disposal here.

Avoid Missed Collections

To prevent missed pickups of your trash, recycling or yard waste:

  • Know your scheduled collection day and set reminders.

  • Follow all city guidelines on proper sorting and setout.

  • Containerize materials properly and avoid overflow.

  • Report any misses right away to the city.

Referring to the City of Concord’s collection schedules and guidelines helps ensure your waste is picked up each week. Contact Concord General Services at 603-228-2737 if you have any questions about trash, recycling, or yard waste collection.


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