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Knowing your trash and recycling pickup schedule is an important part of being a responsible resident and maintaining a clean, green community. LeMay is a major waste collection company serving many cities across Washington state and beyond. This article will explain how to find your LeMay trash and recycling schedules for curbside collection, decode the calendar, and properly set out containers to avoid service issues.

How to Find Your LeMay Trash and Recycling Schedule

LeMay provides curbside trash, recycling, and yard waste pickup to single family homes as well as dumpsters for businesses. To find your personalized pickup calendar:

  • Visit your local LeMay website: LeMay operates different subsidiaries in various service areas. Sites include:
  • Enter your zip code and address: This will pull up your assigned pickup days.
  • Check city resources: Many cities LeMay serves like Tacoma and Olympia also provide pickup calendars online.
  • Call customer service: Representatives can help you identify your schedule if it is unclear.
    • LeMay Pierce County: (253) 845-3555
    • LeMay Thurston County: (360) 507-4242

Once you’ve found your correct LeMay calendar, post it somewhere visible in your home like on the refrigerator.

How to Read Your LeMay Pickup Schedule

LeMay provides a color coded calendar displaying your weekly service days. Here are tips for deciphering it:

  • Trash: Look for the dark green weeks marked “TRASH.” This is your trash pickup day.
  • Recycling: Light green weeks marked “RECYCLE” are your recycling weeks.
  • Yard waste: Brown weeks marked “YARD” are for yard waste and organics pickup.
  • No service: Gray weeks marked “NO SERVICE” mean no pickup that week.
  • Holiday delays: Holidays like Christmas will be marked in red. Your pickup moves to the next business day.

Knowing the color system helps you determine which cart or bin to roll out each week. Your city may provide a key explaining the calendar as well.

Setting Out Trash and Recycling Properly

To prevent missed collections or contamination issues, be sure to set out the right materials on your scheduled pickup days.

Trash Pickup

  • Roll your trash cart out by 6am on your dark green pickup days. Leave 3ft clearance around the cart.
  • Make sure the lid is closed and doesn’t overflow. Bag all trash.
  • Do not put any recyclables, hazardous waste, or banned items in your trash.

Recycling Pickup

  • Place your recycling cart out by 6am on light green weeks. Keep 3ft clearance.
  • Review acceptable recyclables for your area. Most accept clean paper, cardboard, aluminum, tin, plastic bottles and jugs.
  • Do not bag recyclables or include non-recyclable materials.

Yard Waste Pickup

  • For yard waste pickup on brown weeks, set paper bags, marked cans, or bundles at the curb by 6am.
  • Yard waste includes leaves, branches, grass clippings, flowers, prunings.
  • Avoid plastic bags, dirt, rocks, sod, lumber, or food waste.

Following proper cart placement and sorting guidelines ensures successful collection. Contact LeMay customer service if you have additional questions. Proper curbside recycling and waste disposal conserves resources and protects the environment.



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