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Welcome to EagleTrashService’s helpful guide to trash and recycling collection days and schedules in Haverford Township, Pennsylvania. We’ve put together key details on Haverford’s waste and recycling services to help you properly dispose of materials.

Overview of Trash & Recycling Pickup in Haverford Township

Haverford Township provides weekly curbside trash and recycling pickup services to residents. Here’s an overview:

  • Trash is collected weekly on your designated pickup day.

  • Recycling also has weekly curbside collection on your scheduled day.

  • Yard waste like brush has special monthly curbside collection.

  • Bulk item pickup is available by appointment.

  • Your collection day depends on which side of Eagle Road you live on.

  • Holiday pickups are postponed by one day.

  • Follow all township guidelines on sorting waste.

Let’s look at Haverford’s collection maps, schedules, guidelines and key details:

Finding Your Trash and Recycling Collection Day

Haverford Township has weekly trash and recycling pickup, with your collection day based on your address:

  • Addresses north and west of Eagle Rd have Tuesday and Thursday trash collection. Recycling is collected on Thursdays.

  • Addresses south and east of Eagle Rd have Wednesday and Friday trash collection. Recycling is collected on Fridays.

Use the Collection Zone Map to confirm which side of Eagle Rd you reside on.

You can also call the Public Works Dept. at 610-446-1000 x2263 to verify your pickup day if unsure.

Mark your calendar with your designated collection day so you remember to set materials out each week.

Haverford Township Trash Collection Tips

Follow these trash guidelines from the township:

  • Bag all trash and place in cans 50 gallons or smaller.

  • Limit 40 lbs per can. Overflow requires tags.

  • Place at the curb by 6:30 AM on your pickup day.

  • Remove empty cans promptly after collection.

Unacceptable trash includes hazardous waste, chemicals, batteries, tires, and appliances with refrigerants.

Haverford Township Recycling Collection Tips

Follow these tips for proper recycling collection:

  • Use provided recycling bins up to 50 gallons. Request additional bins if needed.

  • No plastic bags – empty loose recyclables directly into bin.

  • Rinse food residue but no need to scrub.

  • Place bin at the curb by 6:30 AM on your pickup day.

  • Remove bin from curb promptly after collection.

Acceptable recycables:

  • Plastic containers #1-7

  • Glass food jars and bottles

  • Metal food cans and beverage cans

  • Milk and juice cartons

  • Paper, cardboard, newspapers

Avoid including plastic bags, wrap, food waste, hazardous waste, and electronics.

Brush and Yard Waste Collection

  • Brush under 1.5 inches diameter and 3 feet long must be in cans under 40 lbs collected monthly. Notify township to schedule.

  • Leaves and grass can be placed in trash cans weekly per regular collection. Avoid plastic bags.

Holiday Collection Schedule

If the holiday falls on a weekday, collection moves to the following day.

Thanksgiving and Christmas move:

  • Tuesday to Wednesday
  • Wednesday to Friday
  • Thursday to Friday
  • Friday to Saturday

Bulk Item and Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Bulk items like furniture can be collected by scheduled pickup appointment.

  • Hazardous waste like chemicals, batteries, CFL bulbs require special drop-off. Learn more here.

Avoid Missing Your Pickup

To prevent missed collections:

  • Know your correct collection day and set reminders.

  • Follow guidelines on proper sorting and setout.

  • Containerize materials correctly and avoid overflow.

  • Report any misses promptly to the township.

Referring to Haverford Township’s collection maps, schedules and guidelines helps ensure your trash and recycling are picked up each week. Contact the Public Works Department at 610-446-1000 x2263 if you have any questions about waste collection services.


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