Trash and Recycling Collection in Medford, Massachusetts: Schedules, Lookup Tools, and More



Medford, Massachusetts provides trash and recycling collection services to residents through a contract with Waste Management. This article outlines key details on collection schedules, lookup tools, proper sorting, and additional waste disposal options available to Medford households.

Trash and Recycling Collection Schedules

  • Trash collection occurs once per week on designated days depending on your neighborhood.

  • Recycling collection alternates every other week between mixed paper/cardboard and commingled containers.

  • Collection days start as early as 7:00am so bins should be curbside the night before.

  • If your collection day falls on or after a holiday, pickup is delayed by one day through the end of that week.

  • Separate yard waste collection happens biweekly during spring, summer, and fall months only.

Finding Your Collection Day

Use these two options to lookup your neighborhood’s trash and recycling schedule:

Collection Day Finder Tool

Medford provides an online Collection Day Finder tool. Enter your address to view your designated collection days.

Collection Zone Map

Check the Collection Zone Map to find your neighborhood’s letter code, then match the letter to your collection days.

Trash and Recycling Bin Placement

Follow these curbside placement guidelines on collection days:

  • Place bins at the curb line the evening before your scheduled pickup, not in streets.

  • Position bins with wheels against the curb and lid opening facing the street.

  • Leave 3ft clearance between bins and any obstacles like parked cars.

  • Remove empty bins promptly after collection.

Accepted Recyclables

Medford only accepts specific materials in the recycling bins for collection:

Paper: Flattened cardboard, junk mail, office paper, newspaper, magazines, phone books

Containers: Glass bottles/jars, aluminum cans, clean foil, plastic bottles/jugs #1-5 and #7

Do NOT Include: Plastic bags, Styrofoam, electronics, clothes, needles, yard waste

View the full list of accepted recyclables.

Missed Collections

If your trash or recycling isn’t collected on the scheduled day:

  • Confirm bins were curbside by 7am on the correct day.

  • Report the missed collection to Waste Management at 800-972-4545 by the next business day.

  • Missed collections reported after the next business day will not receive pickup.

Yard Waste Collection

  • Yard waste pickup happens every other week on the second collection day from April to November.

  • Place leaves, grass clippings, brush in paper yard waste bags or open containers labeled as yard waste.

  • Tree limbs less than 3 inches in diameter must be tied in 4-foot lengths for collection.

  • Schedule bulk pickups for larger amounts of yard waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Household hazardous waste requires special disposal. Do NOT place hazardous items curbside. Medford residents can bring hazardous waste to the Austin Resource Recovery Center for safe disposal.

Accepted hazardous waste:

  • Automotive fluids

  • Cooking oil

  • Cleaners, chemicals

  • CFL bulbs

  • Batteries

  • Paint, stains

  • Pesticides, fertilizers

Get the full list of accepted hazardous waste.

Additional Disposal Options

Medford offers these additional waste disposal services:

  • Bulk waste pickup: Schedule up to 4 free curbside bulk pickups per year for large items.

  • Textile recycling: Drop off clothing and other textiles at City Hall.

  • Electronics/Appliances: Drop off select electronics for free recycling at designated events.

  • Tire disposal: Limit 8 tires per household for free drop off at DPW yard for recycling.

Learn more about extra disposal options.

Contact Information for Questions

Contact the following with any trash, recycling, or disposal questions:

Medford DPW: 781-393-2417 or [email protected]

Waste Management Customer Service: 800-972-4545

Properly sorting your waste and following Medford’s collection policies ensures efficient operations and services. Use this guide as a handy Medford trash and recycling resource.


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