Cumberland Trash and Recycling Schedule: Pickup Days, Holidays, and More



Living in Cumberland and need the details on your local trash and recycling pickup? This guide covers everything Cumberland residents need to know, including collection days, holiday schedules, guidelines, and more.

Overview of Trash and Recycling Collection

The town/city of Cumberland provides weekly curbside trash and recycling pickup for households.

Key facts about Cumberland’s trash and recycling services:

  • Trash collection occurs once per week on designated weekdays
  • Recycling is also collected weekly on your trash day
  • Carts or bins provided for trash and recycling
  • Extra fees or bags required for excess trash
  • No collection on major holidays – pickup moves to next day

General guidelines for Cumberland trash and recycling:

  • Place carts curbside by early morning on collection day
  • Follow rules for overflow trash bags and bins
  • Keep recyclables loose in bins – no bags
  • Avoid placing hazardous materials in trash
  • Report any missed collections promptly

See the full guidelines for your Cumberland trash and recycling.

Trash and Recycling Collection Schedule

Trash and recycling pickup occurs weekly on assigned days depending on your address.

To find your scheduled collection day:

  • Check the pickup calendar for your assigned day
  • Trash days are Monday through Friday
  • There are either 1 or 2 recycling collection weeks

Remember on collection day:

  • Place carts curbside by 6-7am
  • Carts should be 3-4 feet apart
  • Remove carts from curb promptly after pickup
  • Collection days are subject to change

Consult the tools provided to verify your specific trash and recycling schedule.

Holiday Changes to Collection Schedule

On these major holidays, trash and recycling pickup is delayed one day, through the end of that week:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

For example, Thursday pickup moves to Friday, and Friday to Saturday.

View the holiday collection schedule for exact dates affected.

Around holidays:

  • Confirm your revised collection day
  • Set bins out on time – pickup may occur early
  • Retrieve bins promptly to avoid citations

Proper planning for holidays will prevent missed trash and recycling.

Trash and Recycling Guidelines

To keep collections on schedule, Cumberland residents must follow these guidelines:


  • Place at curb 6-7am day of pickup
  • Position 3-4 feet apart with access
  • Remove from curb after collection
  • Request repairs as needed


  • Bag all waste inside carts/bins
  • Do not jam items or overflow carts
  • Excess waste requires special bags ($)


  • Keep recyclables loose – no bags
  • Rinse clean; remove caps, lids
  • Break down cardboard boxes
  • Avoid bagged paper, textiles

Prohibited Items

  • Hazardous materials
  • Electronics, TVs
  • Loose plastic bags
  • Construction debris
  • Unscheduled bulk items

Refer to the full regulations for proper setup.

Bulk and Yard Waste Collection

Along with regular pickup, Cumberland offers:

Bulk waste:

  • Collection weekly/monthly by request
  • Large items, furniture, appliances
  • Fees may apply for pickup

Yard waste:

  • Seasonal weekly/biweekly pickup
  • Grass clippings, leaves, branches
  • Use paper bags or rigid containers

Check the collection calendar for yard waste and bulk collection schedules.

Hazardous and Electronic Waste Disposal

Cumberland provides options for hazardous item disposal:

  • Hazardous waste drop-off days: For chemicals, batteries, oils, paints.
  • Electronics recycling: Drop-off locations or pickup services. Fees may apply.

Learn more about Cumberland’s special waste disposal and recycling programs.

Changes to Collection Day or Missed Pickup

If there are any trash collection issues:

  • Missed or delayed pickup – call promptly
  • Damaged carts – request repairs
  • Service questions – contact Town Public Works

Check the Town website for collection schedules and guidelines. Sign up for email alerts to get reminders and updates about trash and recycling.

Key Takeaways for Cumberland Trash and Recycling

  • Weekly trash and recycling collection provided
  • Find your assigned pickup day using online tools
  • Holiday pickups delayed one day all week
  • Follow all guidelines for cart placement and materials
  • Hazardous and bulk items disposed separately
  • Report any missed trash or recycling pickups promptly

Now you have the inside scoop on trash and recycling collection in Cumberland! Let us know if you have any other questions.


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