Dedham Trash and Recycling Schedule: Everything You Need to Know



Understanding your normal trash and recycling collection schedule in Dedham is key to keeping the town clean and ensuring services operate smoothly. This comprehensive guide explains when trash, recycling, and yard waste are collected in Dedham, including how the schedule changes around holidays.

Overview of Trash and Recycling Pickup

The Town of Dedham provides the following waste collection services:

  • Trash – Weekly curbside pickup on designated days
  • Recycling – Biweekly curbside pickup on your trash day
  • Yard Waste – Seasonal curbside pickup on recycling days

Trash is collected once per week on set days depending on your neighborhood:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Recycling is picked up every other week on the same day as your regular trash.

Yard waste collection is seasonal – weekly during high volume periods and biweekly in the spring and fall.

Check the collection calendar or your mailed utility bill to find your designated pickup days.

Holiday Trash and Recycling Schedule

While trash collection normally follows a fixed weekly schedule, some holidays disrupt pickup days in Dedham:

  • Christmas – Trash pickup delayed 1 day all week
  • New Years – Trash pickup delayed 1 day all week
  • Memorial Day – Trash pickup delayed 1 day all week
  • July 4th – No delay, regular schedule
  • Labor Day – Trash pickup delayed 1 day all week

So if your normal trash day is Monday, expect pickup on Tuesday the weeks of Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Recycling and yard waste pickup also slide back a day on these holiday weeks.

Dedham posts updates on trash delays on their website, social media, Nextdoor and by email.

Managing Trash and Recycling

Follow these tips to ensure smooth trash and recycling collection:

  • Know your normal pickup days and mark your calendar.
  • Review Dedham’s holiday schedule each year and adjust your calendar.
  • If unsure about changes, call your hauler at 800-338-3867.
  • Hold materials until your adjusted collection day after holidays.
  • Don’t place bins curbside on days without scheduled pickup.
  • Take advantage of 12 free dumps per year if you miss collection.

Planning ahead helps you properly handle materials even with holiday changes.

Excess Recycling Pickup

Dedham offers excess recycling collection for two weeks after Christmas to accommodate extra materials:

  • Week of 12/27 – Place extra recycling curbside in open containers marked “B Week”
  • Week of 1/3 – Place extra recycling curbside in open containers marked “A Week”

Follow normal recycling rules like emptying containers and not bagging materials.

Christmas Tree Collection

Dedham picks up Christmas trees in January after the holidays:

  • Remove all decorations, lights and plastic tree bags
  • Place curbside after Christmas and leave until collected
  • Collection may occur on a different day than normal trash service

Crews will continue collecting trees left curbside through January as necessary.

Bulky Items, Appliances and Mattresses

To dispose of large items like furniture, mattresses and appliances:

  • Call your hauler at 800-338-3867 to schedule pickup
  • Fees range from $30-75 per item
  • Place curbside by 6:30am on your scheduled pickup day

Avoid setting bulky items out around holidays when pickup may be delayed.

Yard Waste Collection

  • Use paper yard waste bags – no plastic
  • Cut branches less than 3 inches diameter into 4 foot lengths
  • Bundle brush and tie for pickup
  • Keep separate from household trash
  • Avoid placing curbside around holidays

Properly preparing yard waste ensures efficient collection.

New Service Requests

To setup trash and recycling service at a new Dedham address:

  • Contact your hauler Boston Carting at 800-338-3867
  • Provide your address to get designated pickup days
  • The town will deliver collection bins to your home


Dedham provides comprehensive trash, recycling and yard waste collection on set weekly schedules that shift around select holidays. Knowing your designated collection days and planning accordingly keeps pickup smooth. Contact Boston Carting at 800-338-3867 with any questions about your service. Proper waste disposal keeps Dedham clean and safe for all residents.


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