Trash and Recycling Collection Schedule in Bayonne, New Jersey



Bayonne, NJ provides trash and recycling collection services to residents across the city. This article provides an overview of Bayonne’s waste management schedule, including key details on:

  • Trash and recycling pickup schedule
  • Bulk and scrap metal pickup
  • Mattress and e-waste collection
  • Holiday schedule changes
  • Policies and guidelines
  • Contact information for the Department of Public Works

Trash and Recycling Pickup Schedule

Bayonne provides nighttime trash and recycling collection on a twice-weekly schedule:

  • Zone 1: Sunday & Wednesday
  • Zone 2: Monday & Thursday
  • Zone 3: Tuesday & Friday

Pickup starts at 9PM in all zones.

Zone divisions:

  • Zone 1: 1st St to 16th St, including Broadway from 1st to 16th. Also includes Trembley Ct and Country Village Ct.

  • Zone 2: 16th St to 32nd St, including Broadway from 16th to 32nd. Also includes Prospect Ave from 19th to 32nd, Ave F, West Dr, East Ct, and Centre Lane.

  • Zone 3: 32nd St to 63rd St, including Broadway from 32nd to 63rd. Also includes Sycamore Rd, Colonial Dr, and Harbor Pointe.

Recycling is collected on the same nights as regular trash, using single-stream recycling (no sorting needed).

Bulk and Scrap Metal Pickup

  • Bulk Items: Collected every 2nd & 3rd Saturday of the month. Limit 3 household furniture items per pickup. Must call 201-858-6123 to schedule.

  • Mattresses/Boxsprings: Must be wrapped in plastic. Collected only on Tuesdays. Must call to schedule pickup.

  • Scrap Metal: Collected only on Tuesdays. Must call to schedule pickup.

  • E-Waste: Electronics, TVs, and other e-waste collected Monday-Friday. Must call 201-858-6099 to schedule.

Holiday Schedule

If a holiday falls on or before your normal collection day, pickup is delayed by one day that week:

  • Monday pickup → delayed to Tuesday
  • Tuesday pickup → delayed to Wednesday
  • Wednesday pickup → delayed to Thursday
  • Thursday pickup → delayed to Friday
  • Friday pickup → delayed to Saturday

Holidays observed:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving & day after
  • Christmas Day

Policies and Guidelines

Bayonne has several key garbage and recycling policies:

  • Do not place bins out before 3PM on collection day

  • Close lids tightly to avoid litter

  • Bundle or bag recycling to keep items contained

  • Break down cardboard boxes

  • Avoid overflow or “tall trash” that cannot fit in bins

  • Do not mix recycling with regular trash

  • Keep vehicles and items off the curb on collection night

Contact Information

Contact the Bayonne Department of Public Works with any questions or concerns:

Phone: 201-858-6123

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM

Email: [email protected]


Knowing the collection schedule and pickup policies in Bayonne helps residents easily participate in keeping the city clean. Be sure to properly sort materials and follow the nighttime collection hours for smooth waste and recycling services.


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